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Intelligence and Strategy Consultancy by Mircea Digulescu

Mircea Digulescu has a passion for some activities in the information and strategy sphere. His self-developed and practical experience might thus sometimes out-perform that of some established entities.

The single most important contribution that Mircea Digulescu can bring is setting up and operating as part of a strategic think tank offering deep, useful, actable insights and creative solutions and approaches to concrete problems and operations facing decision makers and fellow strategists. Additional proposals for specific cooperation include but are not limited to the following areas:

·         Resiliency by Design. Building and offering insights into how to create the Structures, Systems and Culture of Organizations and how to scheme them with personnel so as to make them by design – game theoretically – hard to compromise via cooption and infiltration and also how to enable them to function effectively.

·         Operations. Anticipating strategies of adversaries. Analyzing and evaluating treason risk, uncovering infiltrators and agents foreign to some organization. From individual experience and leveraging Game Theory background this can be particularly effective when countering the western methodology of infiltration and compromise. Competitive negotiation support.

·         Cryptography, Information Security and IT Operations. Mircea Digulescu is quite knowledgeable about Cryptography and has invented a novel type of symmetric key cryptographic system himself (see the cryptography part of section 4 below). Other schemes in pipeline include a novel Symmetric Key Authentication scheme over a public channel (with zero leaked knowledge), FoF identification, digital signature systems and cryptographic chain of command authorization systems.  Information Security and ITOPS are also in scope.

·         C4I IT Systems. Developing software system to control aid and generate insights pertaining to C4I operations and maintenance of critical infrastructure in working order. Developing modules or offering services related to such.

·         Technical Software. This is software that runs on embedded, forward deployed hardware.

Cooperation in this sphere can take the form of on-demand or revolving contracts, public speaking, trainings, compiling reports and recommendations and leading concrete projects to completion.

Portfolio of past activities pertaining to Intelligence, Strategy, Diplomacy and State Relations:

·         Better World Project (2012-present): Comprehensive writings pertaining to understanding current social and political realities, dismantling common myths, thinking freely and openly about the nature and requirements of a better future society and  developing strategies for change, education and solidification of the future society. Main emphasis is on educating capable youths into understanding their reality and gaining competences for living. So far: On The Functioning of Society, On Happiness, On Liberty, On Morality, On Power and On Democracy (in Romanian). Available here and here.

·         Romania Informata page – Romania Informed (2013-2020): Media project to disseminate news and articles on functioning of society and power. See here: In Romanian. Was closed by Facebook in 2020.

·         Independent Speaker on entrepreneurship and other topics (2012-2015): National Student Congress 2012, Softbinator Conference 2012, engagement with Union of Romanian Students (federation of Romanian associations of students) and others.

Besides the above, I had intermittent low-level contacts at events and conferences with various groups from Romania and abroad. For example, a round table on the involvement of Romanian Entrepreneurs in the reconstruction of Syria (2019). Additionally, I attended the China-CEE Summit and a RoChina business conference (2013-2014).


Experience in International Relations and Cooperation:

·         International Forum (2020). Expressing my views and offering a rather blunt and strong speech about secretive elites. Speech available intermittently here. The speech contained a game theoretical ploy (strategy) for combating these elites and making people less likely to defect to them, while encouraging defections from them. A true game-changer strategy, developed from scratch!

·         Engagement with the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Romania (2016-present). Attended several events – Russian National Day Celebrations 2018, a series of cultural events, maintained some level of cultural contacts with Russian diplomats stationed in Bucharest and attended a Q&A session in 2019. Was connected with my learning Russian language at the Russian Center for Culture and Science.

·         Attended IASP 2016 Moscow. This is an annual conference where heads of Science and Technology Parks and Areas of Innovations from around the world meet.

·         Romania – Russian Federation Trade Mission, Moscow (2011): Trade mission from the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce to the Moscow Chamber of Commerce. Representing my own software startup and calling for deepening cooperation with Romanian independent entrepreneurs. No concrete talks or agreements.

·         Romanian Trade Mission to the People’s Republic of China (2010). Visited Shanghai and Hangzhou representing my own software startup as part of some trade group of some sort (was invited by Bucharest Chamber of Commerce). Briefly met with some local Chinese officials. No concrete talks or agreements.

·         Romanian Trade Mission to Egypt and Morocco (2010). Again representing my own software startup. Was invited by some friend of a friend. I met some folks from the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce during this time. They later invited me to join their pro-western secret society, but I refused. Met with some regional entrepreneurs and officials at a part at the Romanian Embassy in Cairo. No concrete talks or agreements.

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