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Leadership Services by Mircea Digulescu

Mircea Digulescu is both a leader and a manager. He is particularly talented in inspiring and “putting together” groups of smart people. He can also communicate effectively across several different echelons of smartness and awareness on life and world affairs.

Proposals for Leadership Services include:

·         CEO, Board, VP and the like. Proactively leading organizations small or big, setting up and enacting effective strategic direction in accordance with client’s goals.

·         Executive Advisor. Serving in an Advisory decision support role, on a strategic as well as operative level (for a concrete operation). Improving quality of decisions, discovering creative alternatives to hard problems and effectively communicating and gathering stakeholder support for decisions. Following through and verifying their enactment.

·         Offering trainings and consultancy of a general or specific nature. Sharing best practices and educating others on how to approach and handle different situations, both actual and prospective. This task can be performed with or without access to secret information.

Mircea Digulescu has held a number of leadership and managerial roles in his professional career. While the portfolio below speaks for itself, it is less than ¼ of 1% of the potential capacity for leadership that Mircea Digulescu can manifest. The situation is such because, having been born and living for a long time in Romania, due to the socio-political context, he was never entrusted with a significant role.

Mircea Digulescu’s leadership portfolio and credentials include:

·         Founder, CEO and CTO of Mat Soft Technology (2009-2014). Raised 165k euros (from 500k euro initial promise) at a $2.5M valuation from distant relative of his, a Romanian business man and, together with his own funds, created the company in 2009. The startup aimed to offer a private cloud infrastructure, on top of which a business process automation engine (BPMS) can be run and operated. From a commercial perspective this was a Robotization Process Automation (RPA) company in present day terminology. See details about the product and the phase to which it was bought here: In 2012, the investor terminated financing being generally obscure as to reasons. Leading Mat Soft Technology involved functioning as both CEO and CTO (having invented the platform and algorithms of the underlying technology) and leading a team of 4-9 elite software engineers as well as handling stakeholder relationships and legal matters. After Mircea Digulescu sold his company to investor in 2014 for 1 euro, the idea was picked up and successful developed by Romanian “unicorn” UiPath.

·         matbs6Director of Engineering. Leading the Bucharest Engineering Office of and growing it from 3 to 23 people senior engineers (2018-2019). (then Taxify) is the European ride-hailing and on-demand tech services provider, competitor to the US Uber and Lyft. The official title was Engineering Manager, but the effective work was that of Director. Leadership involved some elite technical contributions (solutions) as well (see Section 3 below), but included holding 1-1 meetings, screening candidates via interviews, performance management and evaluation, appraising migration and other risks for each office staff member, having technical meetings and maintaining relations with the corporate parent (including status updates) remotely via the Head of Engineering. I earned 17.000 Euros / month while working with them.

·         Vice President of Technical Product Management with DevFactory (2018 and 2020). DevFactory is a large IT conglomerate which is a terminus points for many small startups which fail to self-sustain. The role involved discovering, fixing and improving the technical architecture of the products of such companies and finding ways to integrate them into existing portfolio. Work was of an elite level (moderate technical depth though). This was a leadership role because it involved working in an advisory role to company CEO and President, as part of a team. I earned $16.000 USD / month while working with them.

·         Product Manager with SIVECO Romania (2005-2006). This was my second job at my first employer (20-21 yo). Starting as a software engineer, I was quickly noticed by VP of Engineering and Execs of SIVECO Romania and moved into a semi-leadership role: I owned the technical roadmap of the Business Intelligence and Analytics (OLAP) product of the company. They also used me to do presales and to fix stuff before customer acceptance for big budget gov’t contracts, like The National Bank of Romania and the romanian National Health Inssurance House, as well as pitch the product to private companies on the Romanian market at the time, like Accelor-Mittal group (Steel), Romanceram (Ceramics), Velpitar (bakery) and others. While they made quite some money from me, I was not close to any leader there and was not involved in sharing profits. I earned 700 euros / month while working with them.

·         Professional Certificate in Management, The Open University Business School (2005-2006) – distance learning, via Codecs. Learned MBA and Management (undergraduate level). Was quickly remarked and courted by the non-gov’t secret organizations for the first time.

·         Professional Diploma in Management, The Open University Business School (2007-2008) – distance learning, via Codecs. I continued my MBA studies at a postgraduate level and completed the program with Distinction (top <5%). Course involved both individual work, tutor marked assignments as well as brief in-person meetings in Bucharest and Brussels for residential schools.

·         Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO (2013). Was offered admission for fulltime MBA program but did not join since it was terminated the same year and also required 60k euro payment. I did have the opportunity to take an interactive demo course for Competitive Negotiation with renowned Israeli lecturer Moty. Application process took place 2010-2012.

·         See further relevant details in the Summary and Sections 1 and 3 of the Presentation Page.

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